I was asked to answer the follow questions in just three words … 

Where is your cell phone? In my eyesight

Where is your spouse? I’m not married.

Where is your father? Probably at school

How do you feel about cheesecake? Don’t eat it.

Your favorite things to do? Sleep, read, talk

Your dream last night? It was disturbing

What’s your favorite drink? Cherry amaretto sour

What is your dream car? Blue hybrid Vue

What room are you in? In the newsroom

What are your fears? Heights, bugs, blood

Who will you hang out with tonight? Friends or cats

What are you not good at? Guitar Hero, waiting

Go check the mirror and give your opinion. Wash my hair

One of your wish list items. Become famous author

Where did you grow up? Small town, Plainview

What is the last thing you did? Read an article

What are you wearing? Jeans, T-shirt, pullover

Summarize your life. I’m always busy

What kind of mood are you in? Contemplating, peaceful, relaxed

What are you thinking about right now? Heading to Rochester

What is your car? Blue Saturn Vue

What’s your job? News copy editor

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