Oh, TV, how I miss and love you … because of the writer’s strike in Hollywood, I haven’t really watched TV during the past couple of months because there have been no new episodes of my favorite shows.  😦  Sad, I know. But the local library and Netflix have been keeping my busy. No worries.

Anyway, the seventh season of American Idol begins Tuesday! Yah! Well, not yah, because I HATE watching the audition process … seriously, I don’t want to watch people willing to humiliate themselves for 15 minutes of fame (in most of these people’s cases its 15 seconds). I don’t like watching people who know they don’t have any business to EVEN audition to try out anyway because they’re camera hogs.

I want to listen to good singers. Although I am welcoming American Idol back with open arms, I have to skip the first few weeks until the audition process is over. I don’t mind watching the Hollywood auditions as Simon, Paula, and Randy narrow done the field to the top 24. Good entertainment is when cocky singers get overconfident and party instead of practicing … and then blame others for a lost opportunity.

The song isn’t on his debut album, but I’m sure you can find somewhere. I’d post a link or something, but I don’t have the “extra” capability to do it.

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