A 2008 GOAL

All right, here’s a goal (or another new year’s resolution, if you may) … I want to crochet 25 scarves during the year. At the end of the year or when I reach the goal, I will donate the scarves to charity. I’m thinking I can achieve this goal, because scarves aren’t that hard to make since I’ve made two in the past … now, I just need to remember how to crochet. Hmmmmmmm.

My former roommate taught me how to crochet, and I was OK at the hobby. I wasn’t a professional like her. I liked it better than knitting … knitting was too complicated for me. Crocheting was simple and involved one needle … I can handle this. So, I was in a crocheting phase for about a couple of years, and then I stopped crocheting. At the moment, I can’t remember the reason why I stopped … I just stopped.

I’ve decided to pick up the hobby because I have a ton of yarn leftover from the phase. A great way for me to get back into the groove of crocheting. Earlier this week, I rounded up all my yarn, and I cut the strings that were attached to half finished blankets. It was somewhat painful, but I knew it had to be done because I know deep down inside, these blankets aren’t going to be completed.

Let’s talk about blankets … shall we? No matter how careful I am, my sides on a blanket ARE NEVER EVEN! And I’m careful. I count. But my sides are never even … always lopsided or something. So, that’s why I’m making scarves because it doesn’t matter if the sides are even. And scarves take up less time than blankets. I can crochet quality scarves … I’ll work on blankets when I feel I need a challenge.

So, there you have it … I am going to crochet 25 scarves for charity. That’s about two scarves a month. I think I can achieve this … I’ve even put in a call to my former roommate’s mother to give a lesson in crocheting because as I found out, crocheting IS NOT like riding a bike. But I’m confident with a little bit of help, I will be crocheting in no time.  🙂  I will keep everyone updated on my goal, or even better, ask me how I’m doing.

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