OK, the above number is just an estimate of how many T-shirts I have, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I truly had that many. After hauling the remaining stuff in my apartment, I have been unpacking everything and realizing that I have a lot of crap. BUT I have also thrown out a TON of stuff … I’ve thrown out so much stuff the past couple of weeks that I’m a little scared that the trash company is going to personally charge me. It’s a little ridiculous. Not to mention, I have a ton of stuff to give to Goodwill.

So, I’m packing boxes and boxes of T-shirts when I realize, “Do I really need 10 to 15 navy blue T-shirts?” The shirts aren’t plain … they all have a logo, witty statement, or a picture of state. So, I decided to downsize my T-shirt section and donate to Goodwill. My closet in the new place is waaaaay smaller than my lovely walk-in closet in the last place … my sister even said I could put a baby in there if I wanted. I’m a little sad to see some of the shirts go because I’m a jeans and T-shirt kind of gal.

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