Finally! Pictures of my wedding day (technically, it's our wedding day, but this is MY blog). The day started out a little dreary with scattered rain then followed by humidity. The above picture is of the wedding party in a field across from the church.


This photo was taken near the reception area, which was held at a county park and campground. We had rented a nice shelter, which was surrounded by a playground, plenty of space to play games, and branches of the Mississippi River. Perfect spot for photos.


My sisters, Krissy and Becky, standing in the field without the guys. I absolutely love love love Krissy and Becky's bridesmaids dresses ... and while I didn't want to be THAT bride, the bridesmaid dresses really could be worn again for another special occasion.


I love my cake. When searching for wedding cake designs, I didn't have to look too far. After a minutes of browsing cake photos, I saw the prototype for my cake and fell in love with it. Fortunately, Charlie liked the cake design! MY cake turned out beautiful, and I absolutely love it.


The unity candle ... I really like this shot. The day went by quickly, and I can't believe the months of planning for ONE DAY came together so well and that the day passed by so quickly. It was an insanely busy day, but something I will always remember.

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