Our honeymoon was spent in Door County ... we had visited the area last year and loved it so much that we wanted to go again. A winery out there sells Charlie's favorite wine ... so, he wanted to stock up! The series of pics will feature me and Ollie, the camel. We visited a petting zoo on Washington Island during the trip. I loved it, because it meant being near animals. Here's Ollie resting in his shelter.


Ollie comes a running as I shake my food bucket at him! Charlie and I talked to the pet zoo owners after the tour, and they said they feed the animals twice a day. But some of the animals love attention and more food.


Ollie says he wants food! Look at that tongue of his! That's a big animal!


I'm not going to lie ... Ollie's stature and big tongue kind of freaked me out. I was all prepared to have him eat food out of my hand, but after seeing his big tongue, I thought better.


Ollie finally gets some food! Ollie and I compromised. After unsuccessful attempts of eating food from my bucket, I put some food on the railing and Ollie ate the food from the railing. He's such a beautiful animal.


I finally get to pet Ollie. He's such a sweetheart. The petting zoo was probably the highlight of our trip to Washington Island. We hiked a bit and took in some beautiful views, but the petting zoo was my favorite. 🙂

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