Blogging every day is hard. Even when I use the post date feature, thinking of something to say is hard. Not much is happening with my life right now … just working and hanging out with Charlie and friends. I’m looking forward to seeing my family for the Thanksgiving holiday … we’re heading down to Iowa and trespassing gathering at Krissy’s place. It’s going to be loud and noisy and crazy and busy … and I can’t wait.

To make this post worthwhile, I’m listing the top five talents I wish I had:

  • I wish I could sing really well. I would love to Kelly Clarkson’s career. I think she has an amazing voice, and I am a big fan of hers. I can’t carry a tune to save my life. The only time I sing is in my Vue.
  • I wish I had the natural ability to play the piano. I don’t like to practice, but I would love to play the piano like a professional … I wish I could play beautiful classical music.
  • I wish I had the patience to make complicated recipes. I look for recipes that have seven or less ingredients. I love to eat, and I don’t mind making dishes, but I HATE using 10 billion ingredients for one recipes. I admire most of the chefs and cooks on Food Network.
  • I wish I could ski well … downhill skiing. I’m not very good. Speaking of skiing, I would like to learn how to waterski as well. I love being around the water. I want a boat.
  • The last talent I wish I had would be to have rhythm so I can be a backup dancer for a popular singer. I wouldn’t care about being in the spotlight or having the singer’s career … I would just love to get a good workout by dancing and wear cool clothes. Except I have no sense of timing or rhythm and that pretty much kills my dancing career.

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