Charlie and I went grocery shopping today. Stationed at the exit of the grocery store sat a table, three Girl Scouts, and a whole lotta Girl Scout cookies. Very smart business strategy. Oh, I remember the days when Krissy and I went door to door selling the cookies … I remember my dad buying a dozen boxes of thin mint cookies. Once he got the cookies, he stuck all of them in freezer because that was the way to eat thin mint cookies.

My favorite are tagalongs … the peanut butter cookies surrounded by yummy chocolate. Dairy Queen (God bless the corporation’s soul) introduced the Tagalong Blizzard over the summer … oh my, that blizzard was heavenly delicious. Charlie’s favorite cookie is the Samoas … the cookie with chocolate and coconut. Mmmmmmmmmmm. We supported the Girl Scouts by buying three boxes … tagalongs (for me), Samoas (for Charlie, and thin mints (for both of us … although Charlie wanted Trefoils). I wrote the check so I won the battle! I heart Girl Scout cookies.  🙂

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  1. My personal favorites are Thin Mints. I have no will power when confronted by the sight of a Girl Scout peddling Thin Mints. I distinctly remember spending my allowance buying cookies from a friend and then hoarding them in my room – though they don’t last long when you eat them by the tube. LOL.

    I had a DQ thin mint blizzard this summer and was supremely disappointed by the bait and switch they pulled – they used Oreo pieces and mint sauce instead of actual Thin Mints. Tasty but not the same!

  2. That does sound good. I have to go with Charlie’s choice of GS cookies – Samoas are my favorite! Tagalongs are a close second though. I also remember the GS cookie selling days. I think that was the main reason I was in GS in the later years.

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