1. Go ahead and mock me for crying during animated movies because I don’t care. The most  movie that made me weep like a baby was the opening montage in “Up,” the Disney Pixel movie about an old guy and young boy going on an adventure. Great movie, but the montage about the man’s life with the love of his life just made me weep. I actually had to take off my glasses to wipe the tears away. I’m such a romantic at heart.

tail2. The second animated movie that made me cry was “American Tail.” After being separated for most of the movie, when Fievel and his father hear each other’s voices and start running toward each other … I just lose it. And I can’t explain why.

3. “The Journey of Natty Gann.” Maybe it has to do with people running toward each other after being apart for a long period of time … I don’t know. But once again, when Natty and her father finally find each other after Natty tries to her dad … they start running toward each other with joy and happiness.

foundme4. “Then She Found Me,” starring Helen Hunt and Bette Midler based on the novel by the same name (I think). Helen Hunt’s character is a single woman who desperately wants to have a biological baby of her own. I won’t spoil the ending, but the ending made me weep like a baby. Good thing I was in the comfort of my apartment with no one around to see me. The ending warmed my heart.  🙂 Good movie, by the way. I highly enjoyed it.

5. “Armageddon” Seriously! When Liv Tyler’s character says goodbye to Bruce Willis’ character because he has to stay behind to blow an asteroid … who CAN NOT cry during that scene? Her dad is willing to sacrifice his life for the good of the world … and she is saying goodbye to him. When the TV screen goes fuzzy and she puts her head down to cry and lays on her hand on the screen … tears of sadness start to roll.

Honorable mentions

  • “Return of the King” … The last movie in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy … when the kingdom bows down to Aragon, including the hobbits, Aragon tells them that they don’t have to bow down to him … the kingdom should bow down to them. Tears.
  • “Lion King” … yes, another animated movie. My heart breaks when young Simba realizes his father died trying to save him. Sad.

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