Please don’t hate me. Am I the only person in the United States of America who doesn’t care about the new movie, “New Moon,” the latest film in the “Twilight” series? My lovely gossip shows have dedicated HOURS of footage and interviews to the cast of the movies. Who cares if the two stars are dating? Are they? Or aren’t they? I don’t care! Team Jacob? Team Edward? I don’t care! I’m very tired of the stupid car promo on TV. I’m tired of the “New Moon” ads. Bloob. Leave me alone.

And no, I haven’t read the books, either, but my sisters told me all about the series. So blame them for my lack of interest in the series. Both of them thought the first book was fantastic and loved it, but they didn’t think the following books were as good. Not to mention, I think they had a few issues with Bella and Edward’s relationship. And not to mention, my sisters told me everything about the series anyway … so I have no good reason to read the books or watch the movies.

Although I will admit that I watched the movie, “Twilight,” because Charlie was watching the Riff-Traks version of the film … where people make fun of the characters, plot, dialogue, etc. It was hilarious! What I remember most about that movie is this:

Edward: “I’ve killed before.”

Bella: “I don’t care.”

What?!?!? Really?!?!? If Charlie had said, “I’ve killed before,” during the first stage of our relationship, I would have been out of the door, saying, “Um, I’ll see you around at work sometime. Gotta run!” OK, maybe I would ask whether Charlie had a good reason to kill someone … i.e. self defense, etc. But if he said, “I killed someone because I was hungry,” I would be running toward the nearest grocery store for garlic or the nearest church for holy water (hey, I’ve watched “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel,” I know whast I’m talking about when it comes to vampires).

So go ahead and comment that I’m a horrible person because I don’t like the “Twilight” series. Maybe some of your comments will actually motivate me to read the series … I kind of doubt it, but it’s worth a try.

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