Love it! In the white elephant exchange, I nabbed a lovely Vikings hat and scarf ... actually, Charlie got it but he gave it to me because he's not a Vikings fan. Apparently, no one in his family is except for his late grandfather who loved the team. The hat and scarf had been passed from each white elephant exchange, and now it finally has a home. 🙂

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was spent with Charlie’s family. On Christmas Eve, his family gathered at his grandmother’s house for some great Chinese food and exchanged lovely white elephant gifts (a tradition). I ended up with some great stuff … I took home a matching Minnesota Vikings hat and scarf (see photo cutline for story), awesome blinking Christmas light necklace (around my neck in the photo), and lottery ticket (I didn’t win any money).

Christmas Day, Charlie and I and his sister and her family headed to their parents’ place, where we opened gifts and had a great lovely brunch. The day was very nice and laidback … we tried to put together a difficult photo and played “Apples to Apples.”

The weather put a crimp in the holiday plans with my family … the plans are still being sorted out, but I think Charlie and I will head to Rochester on Monday. The next couple of days will be busy between working and traveling to Rochester.

Emerson (back to the camera) received toy swords and shields ... Charlie and Emerson battle each other on Christmas Day.

Emerson (again with his back to the camera) searches for candy while Elliott and I play with his toy swords. I let Elliott win.

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