EDITOR’S NOTE: Slight clarifications from my previous post “Stuck in the Middle” as my sisters, Krissy and Becky, dispute some of my memories …

  • When Becky was younger, she needed to be in the middle (car seat, maybe?) … I don’t remember the exact reason, but I think she was in the middle seat when traveling in the big tan van that Dad called Mabel. BUT I also remember being stuck in the middle for some of the trips, because I distinctly remembering not liking Krissy or Becky when they laid their pillow between the small corner of the seat and window and took a nap. Where was I going to put my pillow? I spent most of my time napping with my head tilted back. So not fun.
  • I HAVE THE GAMEBOY to prove that I had a Gameboy back in the day. I don’t have the heart to throw the old thing out. How sad am I?
  • And Krissy reminded me of another great memory … when traveling in Mabel (the big van) and once Dad hit an interstate or some four-lane highway, we were all able to play around in the back of the van. This was the time when Mom and Dad were in the front seat, and all three of us sat in the ONE bench seat in the van. Pillows, toys, and other small luggage were piled in the back (the bigger luggage was stuffed into pop-up camper hitched to the van). Goodbye, seat belts. Hello, playground in the back of the van.
  • According to Becky, whatever vehicle our parents drove apparently broke down numerous times. I don’t remember this. I remember the ONE TIME one of the cars broke down (I can’t remember … either the blue station wagon that gave me a hard time parallel parking during my driver’s license test or Mabel). Dad couldn’t fix whatever was wrong, and we were stranded on the side of a highway, watching billions of cars speed past us. At least Dad had an emergency kit and flagged someone down to help. That’s the only bind I ever remember.

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  1. I remember that breakdown. It was more problems with the suburban and you guys didn’t go on those trips. Oh wait, remember running out of gas in that thing in the winter on the way to the farm after Christmas one year? And there was no heat in the back of it either.

  2. I know I had a gameboy. Are you sure it’s not mine that you are claiming as yours? I wonder if the games would fit in the DS’s…

    The only time I really remember Mabel breaking down was on I29 in North Dakota & dad hitched a ride into town but not before we heard him swear, which as you know, was a HUGE occasion. I cannot overstate how rare it was to hear him swear. I think he said $h!t. I also remember knocking out one of my teeth (I’m sure it was already loose) while practicing somersaults in the back of the van. As a parent, I can only imagine how annoying we were back there screwing around. How we survived family vacations, I’ll never know.

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