I think I only received the “Beautiful Blogger” award as a sympathy nomination from my sister, Krissy. She knew I would probably resent her for the rest of her life if she didn’t hand a “Beautiful Blogger” award to me. She knew I would give her the silent treatment until the end of March. And she knew I would give all three of her children candy and pop and so much other sugary treats whenever I saw them.

And if Krissy handed me an award, then she would have to give one to Becky because then Becky would suspect that Krissy really loves me the best.  🙂  Not to mention, Becky would probably throw the biggest hissy fit known to man if Krissy gave me something and she didn’t receive anything. Yeah, Becky is pretty selfish like that.

Before I launch into my teary-eyed speech and before I thank God, my amazing husband, my wonderful parents, and my beautiful sisters … I have to award this to 15 other blogs, which will be a challenge because I don’t read 15 blogs (unless Facebook statuses count — then I’m golden). And then I have to list seven things about me (which shouldn’t be too hard if I really think about it).

My wonderful and adorable niece and nephews ... thank you to Krissy and Becky for producing perfect little angels. 🙂

1. & 2. Because I don’t want to choose favorites between my sisters, Krissy (Three Kids = Chaos), and Becky (Tale of two preemies), both of them are at the top of the list. They can battle out who is No.1 and who is No. 2.

3. My cousin, Wendy (The Brennan Bunch), who keeps me (and I suppose other people) up to date with posts about her family and snow in the Maryland area. Her two children, J & M, are adorable.

4. Amanda Ashby (Amanda Ashby) — a fellow writer who helped me tremendously when I was publishing my first book. She is the author of two books, “You had me at Halo” and “Zombie Queen.” She lives in New Zealand and has an accent — I’m a little jealous.

5. Jenyfer Matthews (Jenyfer Matthews) — another fellow writer who is from Minnesota but lives in Cairo, Egypt. I’m a little jealous of her too because she just came back from trip in Thailand. I love reading her blog because most of her sentiments echo mine.

6. Unlike Krissy, I don’t have time to read a billion blogs … the top five are the five blogs I read and interest me. Unless I find more blogs that are worth my time, I’m sticking to my top five. But to round out the 15 blogs, I’m picking 10 random blogs. Here are my criteria — the posts need to be recent (no blogs that have list the last post from November 2006), the blog is about one of my favorite interests or hobbies, and pictures of said interests and hobbies.

The first random blog I picked is Willow’s cat blog (Willow’s cat blog) — thanks to Google, the blog made me smile with the numerous pictures of Willow, a spoiled dilute calico. This blog is after my heart — pictures of cats. What more do I need?

Even though I've put scrapbooking on the backburner for awhile, I love scrapbooking.

7. I heart scrapbooking. Even though I haven’t had time lately to scrapbook, I love it. After Google search of scrapbook blogs, I picked Scrapbook Sisters (Scrapbook Sisters), which have awesome pictures of scrapbook and card projects. I’m definitely bookmarking that blog because it has some awesome scrapbo0k layouts that I will definitely copy in the future.  🙂

8. Erika (Scrapbook Obsession) had me at “Sarcasm is my super power, and I’m not afraid to use it.” Plus, she posted a blog about two scrapbooking books — how can I NOT pick this random blog? Plus, she’s also a fellow WordPress blogger who writes about her obsession with scrapbooking.

9. I heart Mike Birbiglia (My secret public journal). “What I should’ve said was NOTHING,” still cracks me up even as I think about the comedy bit right now. Hilarious. OK, this was not a random blog … but somewhere in the middle of picking random blogs, I remembered two blogs that I scan occasionally.

10. I’m picking Daniel Tosh from Tosh.0 … although I will admit I haven’t read his blog and I don’t think I will. Charlie and I watched one of his comedy specials the other day, and I can’t remember when I laughed so hard. Warning: swear words and racist jokes are abundant in his routine but somehow he just makes it funny.

11. Cake Wrecks uses blogspot for its popular site — so therefore, I’m considering Cake Wrecks more of a blog than a funny Web site you should check out (not to mention, I have the Web site posted in my WEB SITES TO BROWSE section on the right side of this page).

Welcome to Green Gables Cafe ... my cafe looks a bit different now.

12. Just as I’m about to pick two more random blogs, I just realized I read two more blogs … don’t mock me but I relied on Cafe World Strategy heavily when I first started my Green Gables Cafe in Cafe World. The blog offers a million tips on how to level up quickly … what foods offer the most cafe points and coins.

13. About a month ago, I found 30 Days 30 Ways with Macaroni and Cheese … I love reviewing the different recipes for a classic dish. I haven’t tried a recipe yet, but I will. Just wait.  🙂

14 & 15. Finding two more random blogs is kind of hard especially with my criteria. I’ve been searching the Web for two more interesting blogs, and I can’t find any. So, I’m breaking the rule about giving the award to 15 other bloggers. I think 13 is enough, right? It’s not like Krissy take the award from me anyway.

IN MY NEXT POST: My next post will contain the seven facts about me, which is also part of my acceptance speech requirements. If I post the seven facts now, I think this blog would be too long and I would lose half my readers. Until next time …

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