I stole these two photos from Becky, who had posted them Facebook … and since Mom doesn’t have a FB account and Dad rarely checks his, I decided to make my parents smile these two great photos of Cole and Tate. I absolutely love the first photo of Cole because you can see the pure joy on his face. Charlie and I made a great decision by moving the gator from my former garage to Becky’s place.

Technically, the gator belongs to Ethan, and for reasons I can’t remember, the thing ended up being stored in my former garage. Then I got tired of having it in my garage because I couldn’t park my Vue with the gator in there. So during a trip to Becky’s farm, Charlie and I loaded it into the Vue and dumped it off with her. BEST. DECISION. EVER.

Seriously, I think this has to be one of my favorite pics of Cole. Well, the one where he's under a kitchen table looking at relative's cat is also hard to beat. Now, I have to go find a couple of photos with Cole and cats. Good pics that will make you smile.

I love this photo ... Cole and Tate riding around in the gator. This is the PERFECT accessory for a farm.

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