If I stole some pictures from Becky, then I have to steal some from Krissy. Fair, right? I think so. The two pictures were taken during a quick trip to Minnesota a couple weekends ago. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to see them but that’s OK because Charlie and I plan to road trip to Iowa this weekend for one of Ethan’s track meets. I can’t wait to see the kid run. I hope he follows in my and my sisters’ footsteps in running cross country. We all love that sport.

Ethan and Gavin on VERY dangerous playground equipment ... the seesaw or teetertotter (I feel like I just made that word up). According to Krissy, the pic was taken before the boys discovered the joys of hopping off to see the other crash to the ground. Ah, the joys of life.

Either Charlie (the dog) is taking Tova for a walk or Tova is attempting to walk Charlie. Either way, it's a cute photo to see a little girl hold the leash of a big dog.

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