I just came back from Iowa, visiting Krissy and her family. In the next coming days, I will blog about certain subjects of the weekend more in-depth (for example: Ethan’s track meet, a baby blanket that I did not make, how I should not try cartwheels EVER, etc.). But for now, I’m going to use bullets …

  • I love the drive to Iowa. Even though I have a GPS and Charlie, I believe I could find Krissy’s place in Iowa so much better than when she lived in Illinois. Not to mention, the drive to Illinois was twice as long. I love Iowa.
  • I think the only reason why Gavin and Ethan love seeing Charlie because he’s an “expert” in Mario Bros. According to Gavin, Charlie’s mad skills will help them to the last level … while that might be true, big angry Bowser still has the last laugh.
  • “Charlie, why did you do that?” “Go, Charlie!” “Charlie, why did you die?” “Charlie, you need to grab that thing.” “Charlie, you need to run faster.” Even though my husband is an “expert,” Ethan and Gavin, especially Gavin, had no problem doling out advice or bossing him around. I was mildly amused.
  • Krissy and Jason are puppy-sitting for a neighbor, and I went with Krissy one night. That little dog did not like me. The moment that dog laid its beady little eyes on me, the pest would not shut up. When Krissy took the beast outside, everything was fine and dandy. But when the beast realized I was still in the house, let the barking and the yipping begin.
  • I heart Sonic’s happy hour from 2 to 4 pm. Charlie and I treated everyone to slushies or drinks, and I love how the bill came to $6 for seven people. Amazing. Despite the numerous freeze brains from my strawberry slushie, I still loved it.
  • I heart HuHot! Seriously, La Crosse needs to get a HuHot in the area. Whenever Charlie and I frequent Rochester or Iowa, we end up having lunch or dinner at HuHot. Even Krissy knows that we’ll have lunch there whenever we visit. It’s pretty much a given. This time around, Charlie and I even tried new sauces instead of relying on our favorite … black peanut Thai. Mmmmmmm.
  • Tova has upper body strength that simply amazes me. I will post photos later of her amazing strength. I watched her climb a knotted rope, and the kid is strong. I am seriously amazed.
  • I will post blog more about this and MAYBE I will post the video (I doubt it), but I did a cartwheel for the first time in about 100 years. Gavin was doing cartwheels in the front lawn, and then I had the bright idea of wondering whether I could still do one. I can, but my body hurts afterward.
  • Not that this a big surprise to anyone, but Krissy and I suck at Mario Bros. compared to our husbands, Jason and Charlie. Now, I know where Gavin’s get his bubble issues — from Krissy. Saturday night, when the kids were in bed, all four adults attempted to defeat Bowser. Who bubbled the most? Krissy.
  • Probably the highlight of my weekend was finally messing with Krissy’s Facebook status. She and Becky conspired over Thanksgiving and posted I was pregnant with triplets on my account. In retaliation, Krissy and I conspired against Becky (that same day) and posted that Becky and her family were moving to Montana, prompting a curious call from Pat’s mom. While looking at the U.S. map on their computer because Charlie and I were arguing which two states were between Louisiana and Florida (I said Georgia and Alabama — he strongly disagreed but didn’t name two states), I noticed Krissy’s Facebook account was OPEN! Score. Krissy and Jason were putting the kids to bed and I didn’t have much time, but I announced on her page that she was “expecting an unexpected surprise in less than nine months.” I’m a little mad at Becky because she ratted me out. Everything was perfectly great when Krissy came downstairs. She puttered around the kitchen for a bit and then read a text message from the rat, “You better check your Facebook.”
  • COMING SOON: How Ethan’s track meet made me and Charlie remember our days on the high school track team — me doing cartwheels and remembered that I wasn’t very good at gymnastics to begin with — Krissy and I arguing over a blanket that she said I made and I deny it because I don’t think I did.

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