ETHAN'S SECOND TRACK MEET: Jason setting an example on how to run in a track meet. He sets such a fine example ... Jason volunteered timing the runners during the meet. Watching the meet just brought back so many memories of being on the high school track meet. I definitely enjoyed cross country more than track, but I remember some of the truly amazing athletes back in the day. I was not one of them.

Ethan, the star runner of the family, running a race. I can't remember which race this was -- 200 meters? I can't believe how much this kid has grown! Soon enough, he'll be taller than me!

Even though I was there, I completely missed a good opportunity to take a picture of Ethan throwing a softball. As I was putting down a jacket I was carrying, he had already thrown two softballs. What? No whistle? No gun shot? No person is going to move Tova in case Ethan lobs a softball at her? What kind of track meet is this?

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