While visiting Krissy and her family, I noticed a few tie blankets (that I had made for her) were neatly folded in her living room. I was pleased when Krissy told me that they use the blankets all of the time. I went through a HUGE phase of making tie blankets for just about everyone I knew. Who knew anyone can make a warm blanket just by tying a few knots? No sewing required. Amazing.

Then I asked Krissy who made the pink teddy bear blanket. She replied, "You did. You gave it to us right before we adopted Tova." I replied, "I did no such thing. I did not make this blanket." Krissy insisted I did, and I vehemently denying making it.

One, I'm not fond of the pattern. If I don't like it, then I expect Tova or Krissy not to like it. Two, look at the knots. That's NOT my style of knotting a tie blanket. If you look at the John Deere blanket (I made for Jason), my knots are tight and close to the blanket. I don't think I have the ability to make loose knots. I guess this will be a mystery that will never be solved unless Krissy finally remembers who really made the blanket.

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  1. I finally remembered where we got the pink blanket. We got it at a shower for Tova, but it didn’t have a card so I don’t have a clue who made it other than someone from our Macomb church.

    Yes. You were right.

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