Gavin was doing some cartwheels in the front lawn, and I had the bloody brilliant idea (I just watched a BBC show) to see if I could still do a cartwheel after all these years. I can still do a cartwheel, but my body also screamed at me for being a bloody idiot. When I was way younger, my mom enrolled me in a gymnastics (I probably begged her after watching the Olympics or something). I was never really good because I was so afraid of getting hurt. But the two things I did well were cartwheels and round-off (a cartwheel where you round-off or something).

Oh Gavin! If you look closely behind Gavin, there's a puddle of water. He was just goofing off with the skateboard and the minivan and ended up soaking his shorts. He's such a cute kid. A little bossy when playing Mario Bros., but a cute kid nonetheless.

Tova loves watching Charlie "draw" on his laptop. Charlie has a fancy laptop that even I'm not allowed to use. Something about a stylus pen and the monitor flipping or something. Anyway, Tova loves telling Charlie to draw hearts, rainbows and purple trains.

For some reason kids just gravitate towards Charlie. He can stand somewhere and do nothing, and kids just head toward his direction. For some reason, Tova is just enthralled whenever Charlie brings his PS2 ... it doesn't matter what game he's playing, she loves to watch. In the above picture, I think he was playing old-school Mario and, of course, Ethan and Gavin had to watch the "expert."

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