For some reason, Riley has always been fascinated with boxes. Above, he's trying to shove his big body into one of my shoe boxes. Which by the way, Riley IS NOT FAT! Charlie and I took him to the vet a couple of weeks ago, and the vet said he's just a big cat -- HE'S NOT FAT! Woooooooo! Riley weighs about 15 pounds -- Charlie thought he weighed about 20. I love being right.

I love my Clara cat. She's so beautiful and cuddly. She has this cute, meek, pathetic meow that sounds like she's in pain but she just wants attention. She loves belly rubs and loves bumping her head into you for attention. I love her.

See what I mean about the box thing? Riley is curled up in one of Charlie's sock baskets. I think Charlie would have thought this was really cute except now most of socks have cat hair.

I love my girl. You may have noticed the pink around one of her eyes -- the vet believes it's an infection and we're treating it with medication three times a day. Clara has been doing really well with the medication, and hopefully, she's on the road to recovery.

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