I’m a little upset with myself. During the past month, I’ve had to throw away TWO polo shirts. TWO! The reason? Apparently, I’m a sloppy eater. When the crap did this happen? I had dinner with my friend, Emma, and I ordered shrimp alfredo. Mmmmmmm. During the course of the dinner and the conversation, I realized a few drops of the sauce fell on my shirt. No problem. I understand a few drops, especially with alfredo sauce (which wasn’t super super super creamy but still delicious). By the end of the dinner, I had more sauce on my shirt after wiping away the first couple of drops! Shirt ruined.

I thought I could just wash the shirt and everything would be fine. Apparently, a few other stains on my favorite blue polo shirt had escaped my notice. Ruined. Then I had to toss my favorite red polo shirt because a couple drops of grease fell right in the middle of the shirt. Lovely. After a few washes, the stain was still there. I’m also a dummy because I forgot to use the stain stick on the shirt during laundry days. During the first wash, I thought, “Hey, maybe the stain will just wash out.” I was so wrong.

After ruining two perfectly good shirts, I’m a little more aware of how I’m eating. I think I’ve always been a little self conscious about that because I always use my napkin (or the back of hand when one is not available) to wipe my face clean. I never thought about my clothes. Since when did I become a sloppy eater? Well, I’m more aware now as I really can’t afford to keep buying clothes (despite my love for shopping) that I ruin due to my sloppiness and stupidity. One night, I managed to keep a white shirt clean while eating pizza. Yay!

Is anyone else having the same problems? Does getting older mean I need to start using a bib when I eat? Sometimes, I really hate food.

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