Do you which movie I’m NOT going to see? “Charlie St. Cloud.” I should clarify that I wasn’t going to see the movie anyway, because 1. I’m not a big Zac Efron fan. Sorry, teenage girls who read my blog, but I’m not a teenager and I’m not in love with him or hate his girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens. 2. The movie doesn’t appeal to me. I have no desire to see the film. Besides, I can pretty much sum up the movie with this post thanks to one particular preview for the film.

From the preview I learned this: Charlie loses his younger brother in an accident and is absolutely devastated by the loss. Then Charlie finds the ghost of his brother in the woods, and they play catch each night (“I play catch with my dead brother every night.”). Enter beautiful and intelligent girl who catches Charlie’s attention and heart. Hmmmm, I wonder what happens next. I’m pretty sure conflict arises as Charlie continues to spend time with his dead brother and the pretty girl.

From the very first preview I watched: I figured in the end that Charlie has to “choose” between his dead brother and the young woman he loves. Hmmmmmm. I don’t think it will be a surprise that Charlie moves on from his brother’s ghost but still keep the memories (nothing wrong with memories) and continues life with young beautiful girl. Good preview (thank, IMDB!).

Then a second preview running on TV ruins the entire movie. Add a one-second clip about a young girl lost at sea as she tries to sail around the world or something. Brother ghost: “You know she’s still alive, Charlie.” Charlie: “I can do this.” Does the audience really need to know the girl is lost at sea and Charlie is going to rescue her because he loves her? I say no. In fact, I think the second preview ruins the movie by basically summarizing the entire film.

And yes, I could be totally off base about the chain of events. I could be totally wrong, too. With movies these days, a surprise twist or super shock could change everything. But from what I’ve watched: Charlie is able to see and talk with his dead brother and then falls in love with girl. Girl tries to sail around the world and gets lost. Charlie rescues her. Charlie says goodbye to dead brother and keeps memories of being with him. Charlie moves on with girl. The end. See? I just saved you $10. You can thank me later.

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