I love my cats. They’re so flippin’ adorable. I just love them. Riley and Clara haven’t started to cuddle with each other yet, but I think they’re on the verge. Riley licks Clara’s head every now and then, and Riley doesn’t immediately dart away when Clara lays down next to him and accidentally touches his tail or paw. Clara is a weird little cat because one minute, she’s a jealous little thing whenever Riley is purring for my attention. She has no problem standing between me and Riley and swatting at his head. Although in her defense, it’s a fake swat because I don’t think she really makes contact with his head. She just raises her paw as if she’s going to hit him. Then in the next minute, Clara adores Riley and just follows him wherever he goes. She’s a little weird, but I love her.

My pretty pretty girl, Clara -- which by the way, Charlie named her after a character in the third "Back to the Future" movie. Clara Clayton was the object of affection of Doc.

Clara is also going to be a chubby cat. She just eats and eats and eats. She may be between 1 and 2 years old, but she’s still considered a kitten (I think) and is still young (compared to Riley). And she doesn’t like canned food. The animal shelter had given us a couple cans of wet food because they fed the cats a mixture of canned and dry food. I don’t think Clara ate the wet food at the shelter because she snubbed her nose at the food on the cat plate. In fact, she sniffed the food for a few seconds and then pawed at the floor, the way cats paw at litter to cover their mess. She was trying to cover the hideous smell of canned food. Charlie thought this was hilarious, and we haven’t given her any canned food since.

Clara loves to cuddle with me for about five minutes before she realizes she’s bored and would rather be laying on the kitchen floor next to Riley. Sometimes, she will be sitting in a room and when Charlie and I approach to pet her, she takes off but once we catch up with her and pet her, she’s our best friend. She loves attention and being brushed and petted. Like I said before, Clara is a little weird. But I still love her. I think she’s still getting adjusted to the family life and not having dozens of other cats around her. I think she’s eager to play and cuddle with Riley, but he seems to need a bit more time. I also love that Clara seems to recognize that he needs his own space sometime and leaves him alone. I love my cats.

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