A couple of days ago, Charlie and I headed to Rochester, Minn., to visit my parents. During the visit, Dad showed me an adorable photo he took with his phone. In the beginning of the month, our parents met up with Becky, Cole and Tate at a zoo in the Twin Cities. They were looking at the fish swimming around in an aquarium when Dad went over to the other side of the tank and took a picture when Cole realized he could see Papa through the tank. The photo is cute.

Cole, right, is no longer looking at the exotic fish -- he spotted Papa on the other side of the tank.

After looking at the cute photo of Cole and Tate, this prompted me to flip through all of Dad’s photos on his phone. According to him, he really no longer takes photos with his camera — he basically uses his phone. From his collection of pictures, I would say the photo quality isn’t bad. My question is this: when will he take the time to download the pictures from his phone to a computer? Anyway, I spotted some really cute photos and thought I would post them. I did receive permission from Dad to post on my blog. His specific answer was, “I don’t care. Do whatever you want with them.”

Tova falling asleep with Papa -- Dad taking a photo of the moment with his phone.

I should also mention that pictures range from recent (sometime in 2010) to sometime in 2009. I don’t know if Dad has a plan with photos — like downloading them and printing them. So, this is me being proactive and showing some of his camera work. At least I received his permission.

Halloween 2009 -- I think -- I'm pretty sure. Pat, Becky, Cole the firefighter and Tate the squirming turtle.

August 2009 -- I don't where or exactly when this photo was taken. I see two cute kids (Tova and Gavin) trying to pet a deer.

August 2009 -- family visit in the Twin Cities. Kristen, Ethan and Gavin take a peek at the Gopher stadium.

NEXT POST: Animal photos from a cute little zoo near Rochester, Minn. I heart animals.

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