I’m pretty close to completing a couple of quilts that I have been working on since April or May, but I’m kind of hesitant about putting everything to together (the front, the batting, the back). So, with the scraps of material lying around my hobby room, I decided to throw together a cat blanket for Clara and Riley. I threw a couple of old towels onto the sunroom for them, and now the towels are covered in fur and are pretty smelly (I’m taking a guess at that because I won’t smell them closely). Besides, my cats deserve to be pampered a bit — even if I did use scrap material.

Farrah September -- technically, the second quilt I've completed but the sixth quilt I've started working on since April or May.

So, before the end of the year, I need to complete Bethany (quilt for a friend), Chessa (quilt for another friend), Delaney (a quilt using various fabrics that are the same length), and Elaina (a rainbow-ish quilt –picture to come soon). I’m pretty serious about completing the quilts because I moved my sewing machine onto the kitchen table for more room. With more space, sewing all of the pieces should be a little easier and less room for mistakes. Maybe.

Riley already loving the new blanket. I wasn't able to capture the moment, but Clara slowly walked across the quilt.

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