Charlie and I recently spent the weekend with Krissy and the family. And to my surprise, my parents also decided to visit -- I had no idea until Charlie and I arrived at the house and I saw my dad's car sitting in the front. Only Becky and her gang of boys were missing from the weekend. 🙂

For Ethan's 10th birthday, Charlie and I (also Becky and her family) bought Lego Creationary -- which is similar to Pictionary, instead of drawing pictures you create images with Legos. Except how do you build a zoo with a limited amount of Legos?

Gavin goofing off during Ethan's football game. Touch football -- not tackle -- I should add. I sort of expected Ethan to be in full football gear. This weekend, I will be heading to Becky's farm to visit the cows, cats, dogs, and the boys.


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