Clara and Riley have no problem waking us up in the middle night -- however, Charlie and I have a problem with that. Because our cats are spoiled, they have the tendency to paw at the closed bedroom door, still keeping us awake. So, one weekend Charlie and I decided the cats need beds and made two makeshift cat beds, using cardboard boxes and blankets. ABOVE: Clara lays claim to the first cat bed. Isn't she beautiful? And doesn't she look comfortable?

RILEY: Clara, it's my turn to lay in the cat bed. CLARA: Yeah, I'm not moving, dude. Don't you see how comfortable I look? I think this is my bed so I'm not moving. Suck it, Riley.

RILEY: Look at me. I'm sad because I'm not laying in the new cat bed. She gets a warm comfortable bed, and I get squat. I get this too small cardboard box. Charlie and Jenn kind of suck.


Categories: Jennifer Elliott

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