Time to set up my resolutions for the new year. This year, I will complete one project a month. I really want to focus on my writing this year because I really didn’t write anything in 2010. I want to get back to the creative process. The 12 projects are small but yet needed and won’t distract me from my writing (I think). And I have the right to reserve to add small projects to the list — posting projects on my blog is a good reminder and motivator (sort of — the team marathon project didn’t go over so well, did it?).

JANUARY: Donate/toss out three pairs of shoes. Too many pairs of shoes lay in my closet. At one point, I’ve worn all of the shoes, but the time has come to reduce my collection. I always have trouble deciding which shoes to keep and which to toss — so at this time, I just need to donate/toss three pairs of shoes.

JANUARY << PART 2 >>: Complete the 30-day picture challenge.

FEBRUARY: Toss out three T-shirts that I haven’t worn in months or are too small or too big or too dirty. Seriously, I don’t need a million T-shirts.

FEBRUARY << PART 2 >>: Go through all the paperwork surrounding my computer — receipts, pictures, etc. Time to clean the desk (well, my part — I’m not going anywhere near Charlie’s side of the desk).

MARCH: Read one book. Yes, a book review will follow.

MARCH << PART 2 >>: Go through my recipe book and pick out one recipe that I haven’t tried. I can probably take a picture of the results.

APRIL: Make a nice dinner for Charlie. No pizza. No macaroni and cheese. No Tuna or Hamburger Helper. A nice dinner with candles and classical music. No Yanni. No Kenny G.

MAY: Pamper myself with an hour-long massage. Don’t worry about the cost. Everyone needs to indulge every now and then. When was the last time I had a massage?

JUNE: Actually mail or at least have Cole’s birthday present to him BEFORE his birthday. Good thing the kid is so easily distracted and young because I probably would have traumatized him last year with my very late birthday gift. Sorry, Coley — you’re making my New Year’s resolution this year. I promise I won’t forget you.  🙂

JULY: Speaking of forgetting nephews, I can’t forget Tate, who decided to enter the world a little earlier as well. Even though he received his birthday gift in time doesn’t mean I can slack this year with a late gift.

AUGUST: Time to toss out another pair of shoes that I haven’t work between January and now. No excuses. While I’m in the closet debating which shoes to toss, I should grab three shirts that I haven’t worn in a loooong time.

SEPTEMBER: Clean out my car. Once upon a time, I kept my cars fairly clean. But for some reason, I’m unable to keep the Vue clean — I would like to blame Charlie but that’s not really valid.

OCTOBER: Because Cole and Tate made the list, I can’t forget about my other two nephews and niece. Last year, Charlie and I were prepared with Ethan’s birthday gift — Legos Creationary. This year, I’ll find out how prepared I am.

NOVEMBER: Let me clarify that I didn’t forget Gavin’s birthday because both Charlie and I talked to him on his birthday. We just didn’t have a gift ready for him — and his birthday present was a little late. Sorry, Gavin. We love you!

DECEMBER: And I need to be more organized during the holidays. I need to remember Tova’s birthday and start Christmas shopping early instead of leaving everything to the last minute. I think I handle that. Maybe. Well, I’ll find out soon enough! Here’s to 2011.

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