Juno, one of Becky's other dogs that run around on the farm. I love Juno's blue eyes. I couldn't get a good photo of her because she always around me so that I could pet her. What a cutie.

Technically, Yogi is Pat's parents dog but he loves to run around the farm with Juno. He's not too fond of Angus.

Speaking of Angus, how can anyone NOT love him? He's soooo cute. *sigh* I need a dog ... I think.

I loved cuddling with Angus on the couch. Just look at him and then tell me you don't think he's adorable. I dare you.

Cows. Dairy cows. That's all I know about cows.

I haven't named little baby kitty because I don't want to become attached (too late). But I love Baby Kitty because it followed me and Charlie as we walked around the farm and whenever we came out of the house. Charlie wouldn't let me take it home -- deep down, I know he made the right decision.

I forgot about Clyde the goat. I was taking picture of the cows, and all of sudden, I see a goat in the trough. According to Pat (Becky's husband), Clyde will only let Cole and Tate pet him. Believe me, I tried to pet Clyde but the little bugger ran away from me.


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