Over the past week, two NEW people commented on blog! Woot! Not to mention, their comments were nice and didn’t smell anything like spam. AND both of the commenters have their own blogs, which meant I was able to stalk read more about them. The first comment came from Meika: Waiting on the Muse. She’s a fellow writer and shares my love for music — even country music. By looking through her blog, I found two things: a site that provides a progress bar on the next book and a writer’s crusade, where aspiring writers blog and provide support.

On Meika’s blog, I see she’s working on two books by looking at a cool progress bar. I want that on my blog, too. Maybe that progress bar will motivate me to work faster. But in all honesty, I am on a roll with my writing. I’m in the editing stage right now, reviewing the work I’ve already completed on A THOUSAND YELLOW DAISIES and then rewriting what I think is crap (sometimes I really wonder what the crap I was thinking when I typing some drivel). I know I should be working on the book every day, and maybe the progress bar will help me. Or not. I guess we’ll just see.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s nice to know that I’m not alone. I’m not the only writer in the world (which I already knew as the publishing industry is so hard to break into). I’m not the only person who loves to write and dreams of publishing a book. I’m not the only person who thinks about her characters and story lines at random times throughout my day. I’m not quite sure what the writing crusade is about, but I’m willing to find out and offer any support and advice to fellow aspiring writers. Everyone could use a little help every now and then.

I don’t know how Meika and the other commenter found my blog, but I am so happy that they decided to post a comment, making me look at their blogs. I love meeting new people, especially people who share my love for writing and crafts. Speaking of crafts, Caca: I Like Paper Cutting commented on a picture of my first quilt and noted that she’s in the process of beginning her first quilt. After looking at her blog, I like Caca already. One, her children are adorable. Two, she loves crafts. Three, I found a tutorial for paper fortune cookies. Greatest idea ever. Seriously. Love it.

Picture from For the Love of Paper

I scan through the tutorial on how to make super cute paper fortune cookies, and I think, “I can so do that.” Um, my fortune cookies did not turn out like the above picture. How hard can it be to make paper cookies? Apparently, I don’t have the talent. Grrrrrrrr. I love the idea, because it’s a cute crafty gift idea to brighten anyone’s day with a cute fortune. Who doesn’t love fortune cookies? I have plenty of scrapbook paper to use. I have scissors. I found something round. But when it came to making the cookie, I failed. Epically failed. I can’t even bring myself to take a photo of my hot mess and post it. I’m so disappointed in myself.

Anyway, thanks to Meika and Caca for commenting on my blog, giving me some really great ideas, and other amazing blogs to read. Thank you!

Look at my new signature! Woot! After looking at some new blogs, I noticed some bloggers were using some very nice signatures at the end of the post. I thought, “I want that on my blog.” Look! I love it! For the record, my family still calls me Jenny but friends and people at work call me Jenn — rarely anyone calls me Jennifer, but I’m using Jennifer because it has more letters than Jenn (which make sure if you write Jenn, please use two Ns — thank you). I think Jennifer looks a little more elegant and fancy than Jenn, and it’s really strange that I want my name to look elegant and fancy because those two words really don’t describe me at all. I managed to write an entire paragraph about how my name looks on my blog. I’m so sad sometimes.

5 thoughts on “MAKE NEW FRIENDS

  1. Hey Jennifer, welcome on board the Crusade! There’s such a wonderful community of writers, I love how we can share our highs and lows. I’m looking forward to getting to know you as the Crusade rolls on ๐Ÿ™‚

    And I love your signature. I read a way you can add it to Blogger, but it was so complex I couldn’t work out how to do it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ



  2. Hi there! I’m a fellow crusader who came by to follow your blog. I’m not sure how to go about it. I clicked the “subscribe by email to this site” box below the “post comment” box. Is that correct?

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