I really need to stop watching Animal Planet or any other show that features animals. The annual Westminster dog show was on TV a few days ago, and now I want a dog. I know I can’t have a dog right now due to financial reasons and living arrangements and two cats that will probably hate the canine in a second. A girl can dream, right? Charlie and I have danced around the topic of getting a dog once we buy our first house, and he knows I would love to have a dog. Charlie is not a 100 percent convinced.

He knows I’m a huge animal lover. Although let me point out that I’m not ANIMAL CRAZY like some of the people on Animal Planet who hoard ten thousands cats and dogs or believe it’s perfectly OK to raise a cheetah or lion in their home! A man let a bull or huge cow walk around in his home! Seriously? Really? My sister Becky lives on a dairy farm, and I highly doubt that she would let a cow walk around in her house or even think about having a cow as a pet.

THE HOUND CATEGORY: Out of this category my favorite is the Norwegian elkhound -- look! He's sooooo furry and adorable. I'm posting the puppy picture because he's so cute and adorable and furry!

The adult Norwegian elkhound -- look at him or her! Too cute and too furry. I love him or her already! I just want to throw my arms around her and just hug her.

Moving on — the dog show. I love dogs. I miss Princess, a blond cocker spaniel the family had when we were all younger. I think my dad had always wanted a blond cocker spaniel, and when one of the local humane societies received a litter of them, the family marched down and picked out Princess. Well, Dad picked out Princess. My other sister, Krissy, wanted to take the rest of the litter and burst into tears when we were leaving the shelter.

I think I want a dog. I’m on the fence. I love animals, and I’ve always thought I was dog person until I adopted two cats. But I still love dogs. I know dogs are more dependent than cats and need to be walked every day. A dog is more work, and I’m probably one of the laziest people you will ever meet. So, right there, not a very good match. But did I mention I love dogs? Maybe a dog would motivate me to walk or run. Maybe a dog will help me stop being lazy. Maybe.

TOY CATEGORY: When the Pekingese dog (which won its group category, by the way) started walking, I started laughing because it looked like the bottom of a mop being swished across the floor. But the more I watched the little fellow (the above dog IS NOT the one from the dog show), the more I just fell in love. Look at her! She's just too adorable for words. It's just too cute -- I don't care what anyone else says.

In Jenn's dog show of champions, the Havanese is a very close second. Furry and small and just too cute.

During the second night of the dog show, I had to turn off the TV early because I kept interrupting Charlie completing his homework with exclamations like the following: “Charlie! Look! Charlie! Look! I want that dog!”  “Charlie, can we get that dog? Please?”  “Charlie, I want the Great Dane! It’s soooooo pretty! And I love it!”  “Charlie! Look! Look! Look! Look!” He didn’t say it out loud, but I think I was annoying him. Hmmmm — which is more important? Completing homework for school or listening to your wife “oooh” and “awwww” over most of the dogs on the TV.

THE NON-SPORTING CATEGORY: I'm beginning to believe that dogs that are really, really furry have a slight edge with me. The Keeshond is my favorite in this category -- I just want to cuddle with her.


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  1. Oh wow. I am just the same, about almost any kind of animal. Right now I’ve got a dog, cat, and betta fish. They are all awesome (yes, even the fish). I am quite content and I feel as though I’ve got enough to do with furry animals in the course of a day.

    But I love different kinds of animals. I think they are all super cool. My partner, Dave and I were watching some horror movie the other day. They brought in a sacrificial goat. It was a super adorable white goat – very well groomed, sweet looking. Before I could get out so much as an “awww…,” Dave whipped his head around and said, “We’re not getting a goat.”

    He knows me well.

  2. OMG! Another doggie! I’ve always had cats, but my hubby wanted dogs this time. Two toy poddles later…I walk, but I long for the litter box with it’s frigid. See you around the crusade

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