The word of the day is “tried.” Charlie and I tried to make Seared Salmon over Risotto Style Potatoes and Corn. Where do I even begin? The dinner wasn’t a complete disaster, but I was unable to take photos of the final results. First, the recipe and the ingredients are meant to feed eight. When buying ingredients, I estimated the amount to feed two. Second, I didn’t use grapeseed oil because I didn’t want to buy something that I wasn’t going to use later. Three, we don’t have a saute pan and I convinced Charlie to use the one pan that we do have (which isn’t very elegant).

The only picture I took because the food still looks pretty. Diced potatoes, diced red onion, and garlic cooking in chicken broth. Mmmmm.

The recipe itself is pretty easy to follow. The first part was pretty straight forward, but I think I used too much oil when cooking the diced potatoes, diced red onions, and garlic. Not to mention, I substituted extra virgin olive oil for the grapeseed oil. Charlie suggested using regular cooking oil next time. The potato-onion mixture was really tasty. Unfortunately, it didn’t look too appealing when plating, which is the reason why I didn’t take a photo of the end result.

The salmon is a different story. Charlie unintentionally burned the top and bottom of the salmon. Even though the recipe said the pan needed to be super hot or set on high and cook for two to three minutes on each side, the fish was burned (this is what happens I follow a recipe). I think we need a good saute pan. Anyway, the fish wasn’t too bad when avoiding the burnt layers. After throwing the fish in the oven, the middle came out really nicely.

On the plus side, Charlie would like to try the recipe again, and I’m already making mental changes to the recipe. Plus, we’ll probably use different fish or something. Hopefully, the next time around will work out better, but at least I tried a new recipe. And I love cooking with my husband.  🙂


  1. I always try the recipe as written at least once to see how it was intended to be cooked. After that, I’ll change it up and make it my own. The dish does look good though. I’m gonna go eat some potatoes.

  2. sounds like it would taste really nice – following receipes for me involves changing most of the ingredients!! and can never tell anyone how to because I just throw bits in never measuring!! but receipes give so many more ideas to play with – read them all the time and will certainly try this one

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