Oh! Look what I just did! I was able to post a YouTube video on my blog! I think I’ve done that once before — twice is just awesome. I took this video back in my old apartment. I came home from work one day to find most of my hair things (headbands, ponytail holders, etc.) scattered around the living room floor. I thought, “Odd. Maybe I just left the things lying around, and the cats found them.” I was really bothered when the incident happened again, because I was pretty sure I didn’t leave any of my hair supplies lying around the apartment.

Finally, I got to the bottom of the mystery when I heard a banging noise while watching TV. I look in the bathroom to find Riley opening the cabinet door and then pulling out the bottom drawer — the place where I kept all my hair supplies. The banging was Riley unsuccessfully opening the door until he had enough leverage or momentum to open the door. Because of Riley’s amazing talent, I had to baby-lock the bathroom cabinet door.

Riley still has his talent. Charlie put baby-proof locks on some of the kitchen cabinet door below the counter because Riley would paw at it until he opened it and could hopped inside. Lovely. We also have a cute storage cabinet for bathroom towels that Riley is also able to open. We have video that too, but I think we need to edit it first. Once edited, don’t worry I will be posting that, too!  🙂 I love my Riley cat.

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