If you could, would you want to live forever?

No. Absolutely not. I would hate to live my life and watch the people I love disappear with the years. To be honest, I really do look forward to growing old with Charlie. I get all emotional and weepy whenever I see an elderly couple out and about in public. I then point out to Charlie that that couple will be us one day — me with a walker and Charlie with a cane, just inching forward to our destination. I love watching elderly couples at stores or restaurant. I don’t know their story or history, but I would like to believe that it’s a sweet love story about living and loving the love of your life. To be able to grow old with each other and to still love each other passionately and deeply as the years pass by.

Goodness, I’m getting weepy and emotional — I need a second.

Yes, I’m a romantic at heart. And maybe I have my head in the clouds to believe in fairy tales and happy endings. I know that relationships aren’t perfect, and couples experience tough times. But I hope that Charlie and I will love each other more when we’re older and wiser. I really do look forward to growing old with him. I can’t wait to be one of those elderly couples that sits on a porch on a warm spring, summer, or fall day, playing backgammon or some card game and remembering the past.

4 thoughts on “TOPIC OF THE DAY: LIFE

  1. This is a sweet, romantic post. I wish you and Charlie the best both present and future. I don’t want to live forever either. But it’s funny because my husband and I were talking about a similar thing last week, about people not having diseases. I said I am not saying people should live forever, but wouldn’t it be nice if we don’t get sick…perhaps it would have been better if we had batteries inside and there’s an indicator to say we’re running out of power. When the batteries get worn out, we will have enough time to get ready to lay our bodies to rest. Just a thought.

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