MARCH: Read one book. Yes, a book review will follow. How else would you know I read a book?

“Blindsighted” by Karin Slaughter

Once again, I pick a mystery book with recurring characters and unknowingly chose one of the latest books. This means I need to start the series from the beginning if I like the book I picked. And yes, I enjoyed Karin Slaugher’s book, “Undone.” And while I’m waiting for “Broken” (the next book in the series) in paperback, I have some time to start from the beginning with “Blindsighted.”

Slaughter focuses on three main characters, Dr. Sara Linton, the town’s pediatrician and coroner (the town is that small); her ex-husband, Jeffrey Tolliver, chief of the police force; and detective Lena Adams, who all live in a fictional town in Georgia. The story begins when Lena’s twin sister, Sibyl, is brutually murdered, forcing Jeffrey and Lena to track down the vicious killer. I absolutely love that all of the characters are flawed in some way or another. Not to mention, most of the characters have some secrets that they would like to remain hidden.

The pace moved nicely — a bit slow at times — and the writing was clean and smooth. I was very impressed with the writing even when some of the medical jargon and technical terms were lost on me. But overall, I really enjoyed Slaughter’s work and character development. Sara is very headstrong, independent, and just plain tough. She doesn’t really take any crap of anybody and pretty much avoids her ex-husband, Jeffrey. His infidelity led to the breakup of his marriage to Sara, but he still loves and cares for her and has hard time expressing his feelings. And Lena. Where do I even begin with her?

To be honest, she was probably one of my least favorite characters because she’s so hard on herself and others. The only female detective on the force, Lena needs to be hard and strong to deal with the Southern “gentlemen” on the force. Not to mention, her past hardened her a long time ago. Plus, she has some major issues with her family even with her deceased sister. I think her narrow mindset bothered me the most. I understand why and how Lena is the way she is — tough, strong, determined — but sometimes I think she went too far, which is probably why I couldn’t really relate to her.

“Blindsighted” isn’t for the weak. The storyline is very strong, and some of the descriptions are very graphic. After reading “Undone,” I should have expected “Blindsighted” to be just as dark and graphic (not super graphic). I should be reading “Kisscut” the next book in the series, but the summary didn’t appeal to me as much as the next book, “A Faint Cold Fear.” Not to mention, I spent $33 on used books at my favorite used bookstore. Even though the $33 was spent on 13 books (about $2.54 per book — I used a calculator), I do have a limit. Although maybe I should have just focused on Karin Slaughter’s books instead of splitting my interest between her and Lisa Jackson. Anyway, I will eventually read “Kisscut” — maybe.

I know I should probably take advantage of the local library, but lately, I’ve been taking my sweet time reading books which means I’m not able to finish a book within the allotted amount of time. Plus, I’m pretty lazy. Picking up and dropping off books requires more energy and time that I don’t want to give right now — sounds selfish and lazy, I know. Back to my point of the post, I enjoyed “Blindsighted” and recommend it to anyone who loves a good murder mystery.

Recommendation: **** (four out of five stars)

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