CHICAGO DAY 2: A reflection picture of Charlie and me from the giant silver jelly bean. Charlie would like to point out all of the dirty handprints on the jelly bean.

A giant silver jelly bean somewhere in Chicago -- near the Art Institute of Chicago.

The Art Institute of Chicago -- another day of walking around and tired feet and legs. And paying $4 for two cans of pop. Lovely. Just lovely.

I recognized some famous paintings, but I really enjoyed walking around the museum and looking at all of the art.

I took some snapshots of paintings that I liked. As long as I don't copy these paintings for personal gain or mass distribution, I think I'm OK taking photos.

One of my favorite exhibits was a photographer's story about a woman's life that revolved around the kitchen table. Even without the written story, I thought the exhibit was breathtaking and brilliant.

No flash photography! I'm surprised how well some of the photos turned out without the use of the flash.


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