CHICAGO DAY 3: The Museum of Science and Industry. No one told me the museum is about toys and cool stuff! I honestly thought I would be bored to death, but I think the science museum was my favorite. Loved it!

Baby chicks! Aren't they adorable and cute? If I had my way, I would've stayed there all day to watch the baby chicks.

I didn't see this baby chick hatch, but when I saw its little eyes closed I wondered if it died (I didn't have the heart to post that picture). Charlie reassured me that the chick was not dead. Whew. If so, I would've started bawling.

A little chick starting to hatch. I wanted to wait and watch it break out of the egg, but Charlie said the process could take up to 10 hours. Apparently, he didn't want to stand around for 10 hours.

Charlie doing something smart and intelligent and brilliant that I don't understand.

Charlie and some of his college classmates playing a game. I have no idea what the object of the game is.

A replica of Chicago -- I think. I can only imagine, but the entire display or replica was really neat.


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