If you could have anything to eat right now, what would it be?

Skittles. Seriously. Ever since being diagnosed with diabetics, I can no longer shove yummy candy in my face. Even though I’ve never had that big of a sweet tooth, plain M&Ms and Skittles are my favorite candy and now I can’t indulge in either. Boo. What I wouldn’t give to have a handful of Skittles right now.

In respects to a meal, oh where do I even begin? First, I would need potatoes of some kind — cheesy potatoes, mashes potatoes, hashbrowns with cheese. A meat lover’s pan pizza sounds really good, too. And pasta would round out what I would want as a meal. Pasta with a nice cream sauce and cheese. As you can probably guess, I’m not really allowed to have any of these foods due to diabetes. All the foods are high in bad carbs, which is a no-no for me.

If price is no object, what would you like to try?

If price is no object, I would like to eat at a very expensive restaurant — and when I say expensive, I mean ridiculously expensive. Hey, if price is no object, an expensive restaurant specializing in seafood would be my choice because I want to try amazing lobster. My last lobster experience was very, very disappointing and forced me to boycott a certain seafood restaurant for the rest of the year.

Anyway, I have yet to experience an amazing lobster dinner with wine and various delicious foods. Before the main course, I would also order some very nice appetizers — I’m pretty sure expensive restaurants don’t have cheese curds or onion rings. But at the ridiculously expensive restaurant, I would probably order a little bit of everything but focus on the lobster.

Mmmmmmmm. Now, I’m hungry.

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  1. Hi fellow crusader,
    You can have sweet potatoes, believe it or not. They don’t cause glycemic spikes like regular potatoes. If you have a sweet tooth like I do, bake with Xylitol. It looks and tastes just like sugar with less calories and no glycemic spike. It is very good for baking. You can usually purchase it at health food stores.

    Pasta is OK if you balance it with a portion of protein like chicken, seafood, or beef.

    My biggest problem is my love of bread. For the most part, I get by with high protein, low carb breads like Ezekiel.

    There are also a number of herbal remedies that increase insulin sensitivity. Insulin resistance is often the initial cause of diabetes.

    What to do if your blood glucose spikes really high after a meal? Run around the block a couple of times. Seriously. Ten minutes of cardio should bring your glucose down quite rapidly–it forces glucose into your cells and out of your blood stream.

    Fellow diabetic

  2. Hi from a fellow Crusader! Sorry to hear about the diabetes. My husband was diagnosed with it several years ago and the whole family is now on his “diet”. I thought I’d miss the sugar & carbs — and I did for a short time — but now I find I can’t tolerate much of them, and I love the other stuff that’s good for me! Who know that would happen?!

  3. where to start – if I could eat anything maybe a nice plate of mutton (have lost my gall bladder so fat has to be minimal!) or really good crackling – no one can really make it like it should be (maybe I’d get that in an expensive resturant – but I wouldn’t be able to enjoy a meal where I was being ripped off – home cooked is best -so what else maybe peanut butter icecream – you crave sweets and carbs I crave fat – what we can’t have eh?

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