According to Charlie, I have a bad habit. I have a habit of petting someone else’s dogs/puppies in public, which I don’t think is a bad thing at all. Sometimes as we’re heading into a store, some owners have left a dog chained somewhere outside the store. Being the animal lover that I am, I immediately head in the direction of the dog while Charlie is pulling me in the opposite direction. I let Charlie win most of the time because I understand his rationale: don’t know if the dog is nice, immunizations unknown, germs, etc. I pout for about 15 seconds because I’m not able to pet the dog (I love dogs).

Even when we’re on walks, we run into other people walking their dogs and even then petting is not allowed. And I pretty much fall to pieces over any cute dog. I cannot wait to buy my own house, because I seriously want a dog. I would love to have an animal hobby farm if Charlie let me (and he won’t). Anyway, I thought I would use the poll feature on my blog for the first time and see what other people have to say about the subject. Thanks for voting!

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  1. You need more options.
    My rule for the kids is ALWAYS ask before petting a strange dog. They know they are supposed to let the dog sniff the back of their hand before they commence with the petting. I wouldn’t pet an unattended dog. That seems like asking for trouble.

    As a dog owner, I prefer people ask before they pet. When I take the dog to school I use the opportunity to teach other kids good dog etiquette. My Charlie is not easily surprised & has always been good with kids, but as she gets older she can get kind of cranky & frankly, some of the kids can be kind of rough so I like to make sure they know who is in charge & teach them to respect Charlie.

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