Can you see me? Third runner from the right -- in the blue sweatpants, white T-shirt and blue sweatshirt. My dad captured my best side -- the back! I'm running toward the flippin' finish line of the one-mile race.

I did it! I ran a mile. Woooooooot! I should clarify that I didn’t run the entire mile — I walked a bit. I think I walked about three or four times for about a minute or two. The clock at the finish line read 12:45 when I approached, so I’m assuming I walked/ran the mile in about 13 minutes, which is a personal best for me. My legs are little tired and achy, but for the most part, I feel fine and incredibly proud of myself for entering the race in the first place.

A little more than 3,000 people participated in the annual Fools Five race in Lewiston, Minn., which I think might be a new record. The starting line was just jammed packed with people — serious runners, families, friends, parents with strollers, etc. As soon as the gun went off, the crowd was a little slow in moving forward, which was just fine with me and thought, “I like this pace.” Then Becky pushes me from behind because they couldn’t find me before the start of the race (I lost them after dropping off my phone, keys, and camera with my parents before the race).

The beginning of the Fools Five race in Lewiston, Minn.

About two minutes into the race, I was wondering where the flippin’ cone was — the cone marked the half mile mark of the one-mile race. I kept pace with Becky for about 30 seconds before I told her to save herself and just leave me behind. She took off. The spirit of the competition made me walk less — I’d catch my breath and then start running again. My big fear of coming in last kept me moving. A silly fear, I know, since a lot of people were walking.

Apparently, my sisters and I are taking on the five-mile race next year. Well, I have a whole year to train.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Thanks to Jason’s sister, Emily, the total number of entries in the race was 2,799 and $84,000 was raised to help cancer research. Thanks for the clarification, Emily! Now, I have to share a really cute story about Emily and her daughter, Gen. Emily and Gen walked the one-mile race, and as soon as our family saw them near the finish line, we started cheering and clapping for them. Then Gen just starts running for the finish line (which was just a few feet away anyway), leaving Emily in her dust. The finish was really cute. I think Emily might have a runner on her hands!  🙂

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