As promised the new recipe Charlie and I tried in March as part of my New Year's resolution. Ranch barbecue chip chicken: What you need is ranch dressing with some chili powder thrown in, crushed barbecue potato chipes, and chicken breasts or strips. Charlie suggested the recipe after watching a local food segment on TV. I love recipes that are simple and don't need a billion ingredients.

Dredge the chicken strips in the ranch dressing and then cover with the crushed barbecue chips. Could this recipe get any easier? Place the chicken strips on a cookie sheet and throw in the oven for about 15 to 20 minutes. Look at my plating! I think Chef Robert Irvine would be proud -- or not.



  1. The first time we made them, they were soggy on the bottom, but the second time they weren’t for some reason. I don’t think we did anything different, though.

  2. Next time back them on a wire rack to combat the sogginess. A friend taught me that trick. Not that you complained about the bottoms being soggy, it’s just my guess that they were. 😉

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