The requiste kid photo when all three sisters are in town. My sisters and I set up an Easter egg hunt for the kids -- you know, to sharpen their hunting skills for the real holiday.

Pat was really good at finding eggs and pointing Tate in the right direction. At one point, all Tate cared about was making sure there was candy in the eggs and that the candy made it into his basket.

Gavin sorting through his loot in his very fancy Easter basket. He played "Angry Birds" on my cell phone during the race the next day. I'm happy that he passed some levels that I couldn't. Thanks, Gavin!

Becky and Dad talking and not watching her children play with dirt and mud in the background.

No adult supervision needed for Coley. I think he has some floaties on his arms or something -- so he's perfectly fine. And at least I have my camera on him.

And Ethan heads to the finish line, passing a father-daughter walking team. Good job, Ethan! Not to mention, he also beat me in the one-mile race. I am so proud of that kid.

What I find adorable about this photo is Tova and Coley holding hands -- Tova is smiley and Coley has an "eh" look. I'm pretty sure Gavin is antagonizing Tate.


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