I thought this picture post would be appropriate the day after my dad's birthday. My dad has always been a handy guy, working on various home improvements. Ever since moving into the new house years ago, the place has been a work-in-progress. The last tenants loved everything about wood and the outdoors. My parents did not. Every time Charlie and I visit, parts of the house are under construction or Dad is showing us the latest project he completed.

Anyway, one of his latest projects was building a fish tank in a wall in the downstairs family room. Yup, he built this by hand. Carved a hole in the wall, threw some glass in there, and the completed project is a beautiful fish tank that I could look at for hours. Seriously I could.

While building the tank, Dad always had the plan to take all five grandkids to the pet store and have each of them pick one fish. Coley picked a black fish and appropriately named him Blackie.

I think this guppie is pregnant or she just put on a few pounds. I stood in front of the tank several times during my last visit, hoping I would see her give birth. She didn't. I was disappointed.

And I believe this fish is Goldie (picked and aptly named by Gavin). Even with fish, I think each animal should have a name -- not sure where this belief came from. Anyway, Tova named her fish Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" -- a suggestion made by yours truly. And Ethan was ever so kind and let me know his fish -- I named it Harry after the boy wizard. I have yet to name Tate's fish.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

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