Wine + cheese = perfect day. Oh, and some beer was also involved. For the past couple of years, the city throws an annual festival. And ever since I’ve heard about the this ingenious event, I’ve wanted to go but for some reason or not I have never attended until this year. I bought the tickets in the beginning of March and looked forward to the event ever since. Wine. Love it. Cheese. Love it. Beer. Eh, not so much but that’s still OK. For four full glorious hours, I could sample various wines and munch on cheese samples.

The day was perfect. The weather was a little chilly, but perfect for jeans, T-shirt, and a hoodie. And I did snag my fair share of cheese samples and maybe drank a little too much wine. But can I be disappointed with the perfect day? Is that even possible? For four hours of sampling and drinking, I kind of thought the festival would be a little bigger and more spread out around the city’s fairgrounds. Wine vendors around the area gathered underneath one little tent and happily offered samples and talked about their products.

Then to my extreme disappointment, only FOUR  — just FOUR — vendors attended for the cheese part of the festival! What!?! Seriously!?! Not to mention, I had to hunt for all four of the vendors for the samples! One was in the wine tent; two were in the bigger beer area; and the fourth was in an outside booth and completely overlooked because all the beer products practically hid the cheese! A festival with four cheese vendors! Disappointed. Do the festival organizers know how much I love cheese? Apparently not.

Other than the shortage of cheese, I was pretty happy with the festival. I ran into about a million I knew, and I sampled some fantastic sweet wines. And apparently somewhere in California on the same day, a grilled cheese invitational also took place. Mmmmmm. How yummy would that be? Grilled cheese. Hmmmmm. How do I go about starting a grilled cheese invitational in my area? That would be another perfect day.  🙂

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