I have a new pet peeve — super long store receipts. Unless I made numerous purchases, I don’t need a receipt that is more than foot long. Seriously. Maybe I’m missing my big chance to win $1,000 or $50,000, but I have no interest jumping on the store’s website to fill out the survey. My email address and other personal information are what the stores want to send promotions and advertisements. Dude, I’m already shopping at the store — I really have no reason to stop now. Well, I think of one reason — the crappy customer service and the lack knowledge some of the employees have about sales and coupons.

One of my new pet peeves -- super long receipts and coupons with so many limitations.

The coupons with a million limitations are also a waste of paper. Did you know you could save $10 on a purchase of $50 or more of beauty products alone? No, you don’t save $10 off the entire purchase — just beauty products. Plus, the products can’t be on sale or clearance and certain brands are exempt from the coupon. The point of a coupon is to save money. Whether it’s 50 cents or 25 cents or even $1 — you’re saving money. How am I saving money $10 on $50 worth of beauty products when I can probably purchase $40 worth of products on sale or clearance at a different store? Not to mention, no coupons are involved or harm in the purchase of the products.

I think one of my favorite “coupons” is from a local grocery store. Based on the groceries you’ve purchased, some coupons are generated for you next visit. I quickly glanced at one of the so-called coupons and thought, “Great! I can save $1 off this product.” When I actually read the “coupon,” it was an advertisement telling me that I could save $1 when I buy three packages of the $2.99 product. In tiny print next to the amount you can save reads, “This is not a coupon.” That “coupon” is so not worth my time — I save 25 cents on three $2.99 packages? No thank you. Waste of paper.

This is not the photo album I bought -- although I like it alot.

Also, I have to take an extra two to three seconds to fold the long, long receipt into my wallet — or crumple it into my wallet or the grocery bag. I mean, really, what is the need for the super long receipt? All I want to look at are the prices of the products I bought. I have no problem with the store’s name, address, phone number, and operation hours being on the piece of paper. Just give me the information I need, and I will be happy. I don’t need surveys disguised to capture personal identification information or useless coupons. Just give me the product name and the price I paid, and I will be happy.

Speaking of being happy and wasting paper, where are all the photo albums? I have no problems finding scrapbooks, but sometimes, I just need a simple photo album. I scrapbook in phases, and sometimes I like sticking photos in a book and writing a caption here and there. Photo albums are simple storage books. At this time, I would like to stick all the Chicago photos in an album for future use, and I can’t find a photo album that I like and within a price range I like.

Are photo albums dying? My go-to place for cute photo albums was Hobby Lobby. Once upon a time, the store had a very nice selection of albums and paired with the 40% off coupon, buying a photo album was a piece of cake. Now, the store has a limited selection, and I can’t even find photo albums at a certain unnamed popular store. I found a nice selection at another unnamed popular store, but I was not willing to pay $14.99. Just when I thought I was doomed, I found two really cute photo albums when walking down the office-school aisle of a chain pharmacy store. Not only were the photo albums cute, but they were on clearance (the reason why I bought two). Life is good again.

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  1. I’m with you– it’s such a waste of paper! And ink! And I’m pretty sure that the stores pay for paper & ink out of their proceeds, so I’m convinced that smaller receipts would result in everything being a couple of cents cheaper. And I’m not sure how well those slick receipts recycle, either.

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