If you could pilot any vehicle — real or fictitious — what would it be?  Why?  Where would you go?  What would you do?

Obviously, the invisible jet wouldnt be as cheesy or filmsy built in real life. The real jet would awesome and cool -- and super stylish!

When I read the question, I knew immediately what I wanted to pilot — Wonder Woman’s invisible jet. Envious is the wrong word to use whenever I watched the TV series or some animated show and saw Wonder Woman jump into the invisible jet. Curious is probably the better word to use. I wondered what it would be like to fly and be invisible.

Of course, Wonder Woman and I would go anywhere there’s crime and kick some serious butt. Although I wouldn’t be caught dead running around in my underwear, I would totally wear the gold bracelets thingys that deflect bullets and or stuff and use the lasso of truth. And hopefully my reaction to freeze in emergency situations wouldn’t kick in as Wonder Woman and I fight and catch criminals.

My second choice of transportation would be Cinderella’s carriage used by herself and Prince Charming. However, I really wouldn’t need cute little animals or birds to follow us as Charlie and I begin our happily ever after. We just need our cats.  🙂


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