I think my sisters are trying to kill me. Mayhem or some sort of chaos seems to occur when all three of us get together. The last time we were together, we decided to throw an Easter egg hunt for the kids. I told Krissy and Becky that I would pick some candy for the eggs. Of course, when stuffing the plastic eggs with candy some taste testing is bound to happen. No big deal. Except that I’m diabetic and really shouldn’t be eating candy. I’ll be honest — I had a few chocolate pieces and I don’t regret it! If my left hands falls off — the candy was worth it. Not to mention, candy was the least of my problems that weekend.

Our staged Awkward Family Photo: Krissy and I enjoying a "best sisters forever" moment with Becky pouting in the background. And isn't Tova adorable?

Krissy and Becky allowed me to have a few pieces of candy. After that, they were ready to tattle to Charlie, letting him know I was about to shove a peanut butter cup or a chocolate kiss into my mouth. Tattle tales. Of course, taunting me with candy is perfectly acceptable. Not cool, Becky, not cool. Becky learned her lesson when she began eating a miniature Milky Way in front of me, making yummy sounds, “Mmmmmmm. This is delicious.” I wrench the second half of the chocolate bar out of her grubby and greedy little hands and throw it outside in the grass. Becky wails, “Noooooooooo!” Krissy cries out, “You’re wasting perfectly good chocolate!” Tough. Don’t eat candy in front of me.

My sisters are thoughtful though. They were in charge of dinner preparations and thought of me and my diabetic needs. They bought a bag of spinach for the salad that accompanied the dinner: steak, cheesy potatoes, garlic bread, and our favorite wine. At first, I turned down the glass of wine, and I was pretty proud of myself for a brief moment. Then I changed my mind and enjoyed two full glasses of wine. I blame Krissy for buying the bottle of wine in the first placee.

I said this once, and I will say it again: Becky (in blue shirt) and Krissy are not twins. Seriously. Not twins.

We always seem to have a good time whenever we get together. Krissy and I were talking about something when her husband, Jason, took a picture of us. We then staged a “best friends forever” moment, locking onto each other and looking super happy and cute (we tried at least). Then Krissy had the brilliant idea of excluding Becky from the picture, having her stand in the background and look really mad. All of us are really big fans of Awkward Family Photos. For about 15 minutes, we had a good time “excluding” each sister from the picture. Becky had a really hard time looking mad because she cracked up just as Jason snapped the shot.

We may have our differences, but we’re sisters. Not to mention, I think our differences make us understand each other better. We’re supposed to fight and yell at each other. But we’re also there for each other when we need support, a shoulder, or someone who will listen. I’ve always been a firm believer that three girls (women) should never be best friends. During a fight, it will always be two against one. ALWAYS. The end result is one best friend will feel alienated from the other two. Seriously, three women cannot be best friends.

In the past, I’ve always wondered how all three of us managed to get along and not alienate the other. The answer is we’re not best friends. We’re sisters, and we love each other, but we’re not each other’s best friends. We talk about a lot of stuff, and our conversations may start on subject of art and then end with reality TV shows that we love. But we also don’t tell each other everything — to be honest, I think that’s why we get along so well most of the time.  😉  I love my sisters.

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