Remember my happy and excited post about finding two dresses that fit me perfectly? I’m too lazy at the moment to find the post and link it — so, here’s the quick recap. Last summer, I found two beautiful dresses on clearance and couldn’t wait to wear them. I wore the white dress to a friend’s wedding, and apparently, according to Charlie, I pretty much had been flashing everyone at the wedding my fancy underwear. After the reception, Charlie and I were walking out to the car, and for some reason, I was a few steps ahead of him. In the afternoon light, Charlie could totally see my underwear. Lovely. I haven’t worn the white dress since.

Any suggestions on how NOT to show off my underwear when wearing these two dresses?

Is white just see-through to begin with? The dress has two layers — the light cottony material of the dress and the second satiny layer underneath. I believed the second satiny layer was like a built-in slip or something. Wrong. And no, I wasn’t wearing black underwear — it was ivory. I would love to wear the dress again, because I love it. It fits perfectly, and I feel pretty.

Earlier this month, Charlie and I attended a friend’s wedding — the perfect opportunity to wear the coral dress. The dress still fit perfectly and made me feel so so so pretty. Everything was perfect except for one minor thing — Charlie could still see my underwear through the dress. Lovely. Once again, the coral dress has a thin, filmy layer and the darker coral satiny layer underneath. How in the world can he see my ivory underwear? Maybe I’m just dumb when it comes to really girly dresses. Obviously, I don’t know the rules or etiquette of wearing a frilly dress.

Is there a secret I don’t know about? Would someone please share the secret with me because I would really, really, really, really love to wear these dresses in public again. Even though the dresses were a steal, I would like to wear them more than once — did I not mention how pretty I feel when I wear them?

Anyway, my little black dress saved the day. A little black dress that I had never worn before and paid a mere $7. The little black dress fit perfectly and made me feel pretty. As much as the dress saved the day, I want to add a little color to my slim selections of dresses. Any advice would be appreciated.

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  1. 2 things if your having that issue. No lines panties & skintone color. Thongs are better too to reduce lines & SPANX always helps reduce lines showing even on no line panties.

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