OK, I definitely may not be the best driver in the world, but I am a better driver than others. To the drivers of the big fat white truck and the little red car (similar incidents happened on separate days): When you need to move into the left lane, DO NOT STOP in the right lane. I’m pretty sure that the cars also stopped behind don’t care that you’re using the blinker. When did it become OK to stop in the middle of the right lane and attempt to scoot into the left lane?

Fortunately, I was one of the many drivers in the left lane, shaking my head at the moron stopped in the right lane and thinking, “What are YOU doing on the road?” The incident with the big fat white truck happened first on my way home from work one day. And then a few days after, the little red car did the SAME THING, which led me to wonder, “Am I the idiot or the best driver in the world?” If I’m unable to slide into the left lane or make a necessary turn or something, I drive around the block or drive a block further than necessary.

To the driver of a second white truck: Do you know what the photo of the street sign means? When you’re in the left-turn ONLY lane, it means YOU turn left. When I’m in the straight lane, it means I’m going move forward and drive straight once the red light turns green. It does not mean that you drive straight ahead, leaving me and several other cars behind me to brake slightly to avoid hitting parked cars by the curb. You’re in the left turn lane, TURN LEFT!

To the driver of the white four-door car: I will not apologize for my husband laying on the horn as you wait in the straight lane ONLY, waiting for the  green car in the left lane to turn. You’re in the straight lane, go STRAIGHT. You DO NOT sit in the lane and wait for the opportunity to turn left. We’re in the straight lane, we would like to drive straight home but you’re waiting to turn left. And do not flip the bird to the driver in the green car or us because neither of us did anything wrong. The driver of the green car was doing nothing wrong — he was in the LEFT ONLY turn lane, attempting to turn left (patiently waiting for a gap in oncoming traffic). WE did nothing wrong. WE wanted to go straight but had to stop (along with a long line of other cars behind us) because of YOU. I don’t care that you had your blinker on. Drive the extra few blocks and turn around. Where in the world in the driver’s manual does it say: If you’re unable to make a left turn from a right lane, stop in the middle of traffic, turn on the blinker, and wait for a gap in traffic?

I’m not the best driver in the world, but at least I remember bits and pieces of driver’s ed when I was younger. I use my blinker when necessary and have the tendency to yell at drivers who don’t (that includes my dad). I usually look in the rearview mirror before changing lanes. I drive slowly through my neighborhood because of the million young kids playing in the yard and city officials decided that stop signs aren’t necessary at all intersections. I’m not a perfect driver, because I’ve had my share of mishaps (no car-to-car accidents *knocking on wood right now*) — snow banks, curbs, medians, etc. As far as I know, I haven’t done anything too stupid as a driver, but that can change.  🙂

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