Dear Animal Planet:

Please either cancel or limit the amount of episodes of “River Monsters” or any other show that does not feature cute and cuddly animals. I’ve never seen “River Monsters,” and based on the title alone, I don’t plan to. Again, I’ve never seen the show, but I don’t believe any cute or furry animals are prancing around. I take that back — they might be prancing around before they get eaten or attacked by a river monster. I’m not very happy when I flip through the channels and see a three-hour block of “River Monsters.” Seriously?

I’m fine with “Pitbulls and Parolees,” a show about parolees working with rescued pitbulls, and even “Fatal Attractions,” a show telling a cautionary tale of pet owners and dangerous animals (i.e. alligators, cows, bulls, panthers, etc.). One, dogs are cute and adorable. Even pitbulls. Two, panthers are beautiful and cows are pretty. Plus, the relationship between the pet owner and wild animal is pretty interesting. Even the shows about city or county officials rescuing animals are fine as they’re working to save adorable dogs and cats and other beautiful animals.

I don’t care that river monsters are animals, too. I don’t plan to watch a TV show that will make me afraid to jump in a lake or river. I’m planning for an upcoming vacation on a houseboat — the last thing I need is to be afraid of the water. Please air more shows about cute animals. Thank you.

Categories: Jennifer Elliott

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